Fitix Group

Ever since we started in 2008, the group of companies FITIX has been in the continuous search for innovating products. All of this, to create public spaces that contribute to the development of people’s mental and physical abilities.

FITIX Group has a wide experience in design and implementation of new sports facilities and recreation for entire communities.

The main objective has been the improvement of people’s lifestyles by providing Outdoor Fitness Equipment to exercise. Also, by providing playgrounds for recreation in open spaces without any cost. All of this, benefiting the health and wellness of all users.


To offer innovative and best quality products for outdoor exercise and recreation. Also, to create healthy and fun spaces along with our customers and the support of our committed, inspired and prepared teamwork who is also desirous to provide an excellent customer support. Moreover, to improve people’s lifestyles by promoting wellness in communities while assuring a sustainable and profitable growth to shareholders.


To be recognized in the Latin-American market as a company of solid structure, that is leader in the commercialization of fitness equipment and outdoors recreation. Also, as one that provides the best customer support while transforming spaces and inspiring communities to exercise. Lastly, to be an organization that provides an optimum workplace for its team.


  • Respect: We don’t miss treat anyone or their opinions. We treat everyone with dignity. We also make a huge effort to emphatically understand their points of view and particular circumstances.
  • Solidarity: It doesn’t only mean to provide help but to commit and share the circumstances of the one we are sharing solidarity with.
  • Tolerance: We respectfully accept diverse points of view. We do not disqualify people who promote different opinions than ours.
  • Learning: We believe in the continuous improvement nourished by daily experience. We believe in the authority given by knowledge, study and experience.
  • Social Commitment: We know that our objective goes further. We serve communities by supplying products that will improve their quality of life and overall wellness.